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The HKAP Club website is intended as a platform on which its members can share useful information, with a view to promoting sporting, cultural, recreational and social activities amongst members.  According to HKAP Club’s Constitution, retired officers, serving officers and their direct dependents, related or invited persons can be Honorary Members, Ordinary Members or Associate Members.

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PHM Carnival 2014 new

Club Members are encouraged by the Club’s President (Commandant HKAPF) to take active parts in the upcoming ‘PHM 2014’ on 2014-05-25 Sunday. Details can be obtained from Notice Board of POINT or POINT from Home.

(updated on 2014-04-23)

Aux Bulletin 7 new

Aux Bulletin Issue 7

(updated on 2014-04-14)

HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014

With remarkable records of active participation in multiple races, HKAP Dragon Boat Team is dedicated to promote the activity among members of HKAP as always, hoping to unite people from all walks of life via dragon boat racing.

This year’s HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony was held at Sai Sha Bay, Sai Kung, at 10 a.m. on 6th April 2014 (Sunday). Besides the core members of the team, many HKAP Senior Auxiliary Officers, including Commandant Mr. James Yiu Yeung-lung (HKAP Dragon Boat Team Leader), Hon. Commandant Mr. Arthur Kwok Chi-shun (HKAP Dragon Boat Team Hon. Leader), Deputy Commandant Mr. Edgar Yang Joe-Tsi, Hon. Chief Superintendent (Auxiliary) CHAN Kwok-kan (HKAP Dragon Boat Team Hon. Manager) and Chief Superintendent (Auxiliary) To Ming-yin (Chairman of the HKAP Club), attended the ceremony to show their support and encouragement.

Before all the Senior Officers and athletes, Mr. James YIU, Commandant HKAPF officiated the ritual of sharing roasted pig, so as to wish for the smooth going of this year’s race. The athletes devoted their spare time in the past years to arduous trainings and strived desperately for the championship in each match, which fully demonstrated the team-spirit and enthusiasm shared by the members of HKAP.

After the ritual of sharing roasted pig, the athletes got on the boat with high morale. Then, by tradition, they held their oars up high to salute the Senior Officers on the bank. The launching ceremony was rounded off with a big round of applause, but this is not the end yet, as the athletes would press on with their trainings and prepare for the approaching races.

  • HKAP Senior Officers and members attended the HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014.
  • HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014

  • Commandant Mr. James YIU, Hon. Commandant Mr. Arthur KWOK, Deputy Commandant– Mr. Edgar YANG, and the Chief Superintendents (Aux.), Senior Superintendents (Aux.) and Superintendents (Aux.) officiated the ritual of sharing roasted pig.
  • HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014

  • HKAP Senior Officers and members of the dragon boat team applauded to wish for smooth training and victory.
  • HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014

  • By tradition, members held their oars up high to salute the Senior Officers.
  • HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014

  • HKAP Senior Officers on the bank observed the first drill in the season in support of the athletes.
  • HKAP Dragon Boat Team Launching Ceremony 2014

(updated on 2014-04-07)

Photos of HKAP Spring Dinner 2014

Photos of HKAP Spring Dinner 2014

The 2014 Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Spring Gala was celebrated with a singing contest on 1 March 2014 at the Laguna Palace Restaurant in the Laguna Mall, Hung Hom. Some one thousand officers and colleagues had participated in the event.

Adhered to the traditions of the force, the gala was commenced honorably by Commandant Mr. James Yiu Yeung-lung, Deputy Commandant Mr. Edgar Yang Joe-tsi, Regional Chief and Senior Superintendants of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police following a performance of the Bagpipers and a round of applauses from the auxiliary members. They produced a most spectacular evening together. There was never a moment of aloofness and boredom with all the laughter among friends, flashes from cameras as well as old stories being retold for Auld Lang Sync.

The spectacle of the spring gala was attributed to its decorations, settings and designs. The detailed programme rundown, smooth progress, flow and transition between the singing contest and the lucky draw, the thoughtful seating arrangement and the guest registration zone design all shed light on the attentiveness and the success in the predetermination of the gala. It took the chairperson of the organizing committee, his deputy and other members over half a year to plan, and their efforts were well recognized. Their sole mission of organizing the event is to provide a suitable venue which allowed thousands of Hong Kong Auxiliary Police officers to feel and to share the strength and cohesion of the force.

That feeling of strength and unity was reached upon the climax of the gala: the five regional singing competitions. Every region put up their best representatives to the stage, who were skilled and stylish like professional singers; their “fans” beneath the stage were equally devoted and faithful in cheering for their regional representatives. It was literally a dilemma to decide the winner of this match. This stalemate was only resolved after the judging committees had held an adjourned discussion and announced New Territories South region would be crowned champion.

The spring gala was concluded with the end of the competition and a lucky draw. The Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Commandant and Deputy Commandant led Chief, Senior Superintendants as well as the Chairperson and Deputy of the organizing committee to cheers and to bid each other good wishes for health and careers. The inevitably of an ending is never easy to cope with. Yet with each end it grants us genuine hope to a new beginning and enables us to set expectation to the future. We wish the spring gala next year can be an even more spectacular one! We wish more of our colleagues can serve with pride and care in the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force !

(updated on 2014-03-15)

Dowman Road Race 2014

Dowman Road Race 2014

The Dowman Road Race 2014 organized by the Police Athletic Club was successfully held on February 8, 2014 at Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung.

This year’s event attracted more than two thousand participants comprising both serving and retired police officers, including a hundred and sixty Auxiliary members from different districts. Bearing the chilly breeze, the athletes put on identical jerseys and happily took photos before the race commenced, which created a sporty and joyful atmosphere.

Since the HKAP Jogging Club and some Auxiliary districts have arranged various coaching and practice sessions to help Auxiliary members get ready for the race, no wonder the number of participants and results were so impressive this year. Mr. Yiu Yeung-lung, the Commandant of Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force, once again expressed the support to each participant and congratulated the winning runners after the race.

(updated on 2014-02-12)