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The HKAP Club website is intended as a platform on which its members can share useful information, with a view to promoting sporting, cultural, recreational and social activities amongst members.  According to HKAP Club’s Constitution, retired officers, serving officers and their direct dependents, related or invited persons can be Honorary Members, Ordinary Members or Associate Members.

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APVSC 10th anniversary and reunion gathering
Presentation of HKAPF presents long service medals and COC on 2014-11-15
Aux Bulletin 9

Aux Bulletin Issue 9

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9-a-side Football Playoff Began
Police Boxing Night Saturday 14 June 2014

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HKAP Dragon Boat Team

HKAP Dragon Boat Team at the Shatin Shing Mun River Opens on 2014-06-02 Tuen Ng Festival and Cups won.

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(updated on 2014-06-02)

HKAP Shooting Club Member Recruitment

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For enquiries, please contact ATSRO or shooting club representatives.

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Police Force Annual Shooting Competition

The indoor range in the Arsenal House of Hong Kong Police Headquarters is commonly known as the venue for the Annual Handgun Continuation courses to the majority of Auxiliary Police members. It was recently the host of yet another extraordinary event on 26th April 2014, which was considered to be both interactive and rewarding to the participating Auxiliary colleagues. This event referred to here is the Police Force Annual Shooting Competition held by the Hong Kong Police Shooting Club.

The achievements of the year include:

  1. A new record in participation – A total of 102 Auxiliary Police officers from 15 divisions took part in the event.
  2. Awarded 1st runner up in the Disciplined Services Invitational Tournament – Four of the highest scoring Auxiliary officers were invited to take part in the inter-service tournament and together they won the second place in the competition. Their scores were only marginally preceded by the regular police counterparts.
  3. Awarded 1st group champion in the Fung Siu-Yuen Cup team relay competition (Each team is composed of a superintendent or above, an inspectorate officer, a Station Sergeant or Sergeant and a police constable) and team members were ranked the 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th in the Cup’s Top Shooters.

The indoor range and club hall was full of contestants, staff and assistants from dawn to dusk, sharing their shooting experiences and taking photos. It was bustling with energy and excitement; as a Reporter, I could also feel the fever. Extended appreciation of having Mr. Yang Joe-tsi, Deputy Commdt HKAPF (who is also the Secretary General of Hong Kong Shooting Association, the official governing body for Olympic/ISSF shooting disciplines of HKSAR, and currently the Captain of Hong Kong Olympic Shooting, and one of the seeded national squad shooters of Hong Kong.  Mr. YANG also holds the title of no.1 shooter of ISSF Centre Fire shooting discipline of Hong Kong 2013/14), and other senior officers attended the Competition to support the contestants.

Senior police officers were invited to award the best marksmen for different groups and events after the fierce competition. The prizes for the Auxiliary contestants were presented by Deputy Commandant, Mr. Yang Joe-tsi. His presence instilled great passion and inspiration to the auxiliary colleagues.

A famous Chinese proverb once says “One minute on the stage is proportioned with ten years of hard work beneath the stage”. Undertaking trainings, having a high degree of contextualization and familiarization to the rules of the competition definitely increases the odds of success. This is why the Auxiliary Police Shooting Club actively sought out crucial information related to the competition. The shooting club also organized practices and arranged workshop for participants with the aim to boost their interest and to improve their marksmanship techniques. The sheer numbers of the participants and the soaring performance in the range suggest that their combined effort to promote marksmanship were indeed not in vain.

2014 Police Force Annual Shooting Competition Prizes and Winners for Auxiliary members are:

Auxiliary Police Group Competition

Champion: CDIST AUX
1st Runner up: SMPDIV AUX
2nd Runner up: KTDIV AUX

Auxiliary Police Group Competition Champion

Auxiliary Police Group Competition 1st Runner up

Auxiliary Police Group Competition 2nd Runner up

Auxiliary Police Individual Prizes

Champion: PC(A) 4670 LAU Ka-sing ABDDIVA
1st Runner up: IP(Aux.) LO Kin MOSDIVA
2nd Runner up: AIP(Aux.) WONG Kwok-ming CDISTA

Auxiliary Police Individual Prizes

Fung Siu-Yuen Cup Team Relay Competition

Champion: Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force
1st Runner up: Hong Kong Police Force NTS Region
2nd Runner up: Hong Kong Police Force KW Region

Fung Siu-Yuen Cup’s Top Shooters:

The 6th Top Shooter: AIP(Aux.) WONG Kwok-ming CDISTA
The 8th Top Shooter: CIP(Aux.) HUI Chun-yim CDISTA
The 9th Top Shooter: PC(A) POON Ming-yan WDIVA
The 10th Top Shooter: SP(Aux.) LIM Jun-fu TPDISTA

Fung Siu-Yuen Cup’s Top Shooters

Disciplined Services Invitational Tournament

Champion: Hong Kong Police Force
1st Runner up: Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force
2nd Runner up: Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department
(updated on 2014-05-10)

PHM Carnival 2014

Club Members are encouraged by the Club’s President (Commandant HKAPF) to take active parts in the upcoming ‘PHM 2014’ on 2014-05-25 Sunday. Details can be obtained from Notice Board of POINT or POINT from Home.

(updated on 2014-04-23)

Aux Bulletin 7

Aux Bulletin Issue 7

(updated on 2014-04-14)